AI Commissions 2024 Review

AI Commissions 2024 Review

Welcome to the AI Goldrush of 2024! In this exclusive opportunity, you can delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence and revolutionize your online endeavors. “AI Commissions 2024” is not just a bundle; it’s a gateway to a treasure trove of AI tools that propelled the creator to over $500,000 in 2023. Join the race to maximize your commissions, traffic, and earnings with this 10-in-1 AI suite, now available at a jaw-dropping 96% discount!

AI Commissions 2024 Review

What Is AI Commissions 2024?

AI Commissions 2024″ is a comprehensive AI suite comprising cutting-edge tools that connect to GPT, the ultimate AI technology. These tools cover a wide range of functionalities, from creating graphics and videos to generating unique articles, finding profitable keywords, and even developing your own AI-powered software tools.

I’ve made well over $500,000 with AI.

But many of the tools I used to get there have been lost to the eons…

That’s a shame because, as well as being DOTD + Warrior #1s, these underrated top-sellers made me over $500k in 2023!

To buy them separately today would cost over $250, but to celebrate the start of 2024, we’re including them ALL in a new bundle, called “AI Commissions 2024″, which includes TEN AI software tools in one – at a staggering 96% discount!

> THIS 10-IN-1 AI MEGA-SUITE automates everything you need to make money, get traffic, generate commissions, create graphics, build websites, make videos and so much more, and includes…

> ULTIMATE AI A 50-in-1 AI tool suite that connects to GPT to create 50x moneymaking assets in one click! Create ecovers, logos, emails, articles, push notifications and so much more

> 2 Click AI 5 software tools in one package, with all my best prompts for Chat-GPT, MidJourney, Runway, Leonardo and more – just a click away! AI Commissions – 2-in-1 software suite to generate commissions. Simply select one of the proven affiliate programs, and then launch SIX types of affiliate campaign in one click!

> Diffusionator Graphics AI Create 10x types of graphics using Stable Diffusion XL, one of my the most powerful image AIs going out. This cloud-based app creates stunning, photorealistic pictures and graphics using my 10 preloaded prompts!

> Vid GPT Create instant videos, with voice-overs slides and more, right from your browser, then use these videos for affiliate reviews, YouTube traffic, VSLs, or whatever you like!

> Passive GPT Give Chat-GPT ears! This cloud-based app makes GPT “multi-modal” by letting GPT import audio files (or any YouTube video)!

> Image Whisperer 2.0 with Chrome Plugin Create 10x types of graphics using DalleE 2.0. PLUS also includes my plugin, which lets you pull tags from any stock website and replicate any image you find online!!

> Free GPT Get free traffic from Google! The first AI lets you find the most profitable keywords, then the second AI generates perfect articles targeting those keywords – by looking at the Google SERPs! Pro-level unique content for zero-competition buyer keywords is just a click away!…

> Infinite AI Create your AI-powered software tools, using GPT, and powered by Chat-GPT! This is perhaps my most powerful software tool as it creates OTHER software tools!

> eCover Genius + Logo Genius! Create instant recovery and logos in 1 click using my secret “Image loophole”

> PLUS NEW AI TOOLS + TRAINING FOR JANUARY 2024! Of course, we’ve spent the Holiday period profiting with EVEN NEWER AIs, which we will be sharing as one-time bonuses for this launch! These would be the main event for most other launches.

The value here is insane, and you’re getting a swiss army knife of AI moneymaking in your hand. BUT, this offer will only last so long, and is just here for a few days of January 2024….

Explore the contents of this MEGA-AI-BUNDLE that encompasses ten top-selling software tools from 2023, along with new tools and training introduced in December. This all-in-one AI suite promises to automate your entire money-making process, from generating commissions to creating graphics, building websites, making videos, and more.

Vendor:Chris X
Product:AI Commissions 2024
Launch Date:2024-Jan-13
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price:15
Official website:
Recommended:Highly Recommended
Affiliate Network:WarriorPlus 

The suite leverages the power of GPT and other advanced AI technologies to streamline and automate various online tasks. From content creation and graphics design to video production and website building, each tool is designed to simplify and enhance your online presence.

AI Commissions 2024

  • Ultimate AI: A 50-in-1 tool suite for creating diverse money-making assets.
  • 2 Click AI: Five software tools for prompt-driven Chat-GPT interactions.
  • Diffusionator Graphics AI: Create stunning graphics with Stable Diffusion XL.
  • Vid GPT: Instant video creation with voice-overs and slides.
  • Free GPT: Generate traffic from Google with keyword-focused articles.
  • Infinite AI: Develop your own AI-powered software tools.
  • And more, including eCover Genius, Logo Genius, Passive GPT, and Image Whisperer 2.0.

JV Bonuses: NEW BONUSES for 2024! ️🔥️🔥️🔥 

Demo Video

Coming soon


I will be announcing random contests through the launch.

The first one is the main contest…

Main Contest – $1,000

RUNS  Sat 6th January  @ 9AM → to →  Tues 9th January  @ 11.59PM Eastern

$500 – 1st Place

$200 – 2nd Place

$100 – 3rd Place

$50 – 4th Place

$25 – 5th Place

BONUSES (55,000 SOLD!)

We’ve partnered with new developers.. This allows us to give our 55,000-selling software tools away to your customers! 

Choose 3x for frontend & 3x for upsells…

Give our best-selling software as bonuses to people who buy the front end AND upsells!

⇒ You can choose up to THREE offers (below) for people who buy the front-end

⇒ And you can choose ANOTHER THREE offers (below) for people who buy at least one upsell.

Ask your customers to send their receipts to  with the subject header:

 â€śI bought AI Commissions 2024  from [yourname] – send my bonuses!”

Then, within 48 hours, we will set up access for your customers for their products.

REMEMBER: Customers can get up to 3 products if they purchase the product and then another 3 products if they purchase at least one upsell… 

OK here are the products to choose from:

#1 TrafficGPT

Generate free traffic using Chat-GPT. Over 400 sold.

Sales page: 

#2 – AI Fresh  (inc. Pro upgrade)

2-in-1 suite for finding profitable Notion templates, from a database of $100k+ sellers, then replicating them using the power of AI! Includes 2 apps, training and PDFs. Includes Pro version too!

Sales page: 

#3 AI CashFlow (inc. Pro upgrade)

Let the AI hand you 100s of profitable affiliate campaigns and keywords.. then AI-clone them in just one click! Make commissions with Amazon, ClickBank, Warrior, high-ticket and many more.. and the list auto-updates with new profitable campaigns DAILY! Includes PRO upgrade. 700 sold.

Sales page: 

#4 DFY AI (inc. Pro upgrade)

Insane DOTD, top-selling Chat-GPT app. Run 30x prompts to create high-paying Internet assets. Includes PRO upgrade. Over 1,500 sold. Total RRP $60

Sales page: 

#5 Insta Bank

Generate free traffic from Instagram and funnel it into ClickBank to make commissions. 3 apps. 1 suite. Over 1,800 sold.

Sales page: 

#6 Doc Dollars

Website-building software that builds “D4U” affiliate bonus/review sites, with proven pre-built reviews (either grab all the top affiliate promos for 2021 – or add new ones – simply by copy-pasting from docs into this strange new software), PLUS full hosting, a huge untapped traffic source…and drives free traffic with 40x built-in social shares! Includes “pro” upgrade with 30x campaigns (2,000 sold!)

Sales page: 

#7 Commission Blaster – 2,800 units sold 

“Instantly Blast Your Website or Affiliate Link… To 30x NEW FREE Traffic Sources… With 2.5 Billion Buyers”

Sales Page: 

#8 Primo Profits – 2,400 units sold 

“Affiliates are tapping into $443 billion commissions.. With Amazon and YouTube. Now you can copy them with this Chrome plugin… and a “copy and paste” trick!”

Sales Page: 

#9 Affiliate Funnel Bots – 3,000 units sold 

“Sell 75x DoneForYou Digital Products, List-Building Funnels & Affiliate Video… for ClickBank, JVZoo,Amazon & W+… in 60 seconds”

Sales Page:

#10 Affiliate Traffic Bots – 2,900 sold 

“NEW “7-in-1” Traffic App Gets You Unlimited FREE Buyer Traffic.. in 60 Seconds “

Sales Page:

#11 Affiliate Video Bots – 2,400 sold 

“Create $1,000/Minute  “YouTube Videos” & Send Unlimited Free Buyer Traffic To Any Website Or Affiliate Program… In 60 Seconds! “

Sales Page:

#12 Resell Bots – 1,400 sold

“Launch Your Instant Software Store …Selling 9x Hot $400k Software Tools & Keep 100% Of The Profits & The Leads! “

Sales Page:

#13 Traffic Bots v2 – 1,200 sold


Sales Page:


Review access is now ready!

Demo Video

Coming soon


We have learned that scarcity results in AWESOME conversions for affiliates.

So we are increasing the price EVERY HOUR…


AI Commissions 2024 Review

The front end for AI Whisperer is smoking… But the upsell funnel is nuts too!

Frontend – AI Commissions 2024 – $15-23 (hourly dimesale!)

The 10x software tools at a 96% discount. See above for the full breakdown!

Upsell1 – AI COMMISSIONS 24 AI Pro/Unlimited Edition – $47

ALL the above software tools.. But with all their PRO modules included to unlock the maximum features. Save over $400 on the original prices.

Upsell2 – Best of 23 AI Upsell Collection – $97

A collection of all my best upsells for 2023, including some INSANE gems. This brings them all back in another crazy bundle and at a $1,000 saving!

Upsell3 – DFY Website – $97

The front end includes our DFY website (wp theme), but here we’re going one better and setting this up for our users! With domain, hosting, content, and monetization ALL DFY

Upsell4 – ELITE AI Video Suite – $97

Everyone’s talking about how AI lets you create “faceless” YouTube channels. Nice baby move. You reached level 3. But.. did you know you can create entire VIDEO COURSES too? That is.. If you get my Video AI suite, including multiple software tools, a new AI Chrome extension, and an entire video course hosting platform with resell rights (so you can cancel your Kajabi subscription.. Then turn around and let your customers do the same too!) Oh.. and it’s all done with AI. Hopefully, you’re learning.. Once more, my upsell #3 is better than 99% of marketers’ front-ends.

Upsell4, 5 and 6 – TBC – $97

We’re keeping the remainder of the upsell under wraps, but trust us, they’re all $97s and convert like crazy!

Who Needs It?

This AI suite is ideal for online marketers, entrepreneurs, content creators, and anyone looking to enhance their online presence and boost earnings through advanced automation and AI-driven tools.

Pros & Cons:


  • Comprehensive suite covering various aspects of online marketing.
  • Automation for time-consuming tasks.
  • Cost-effective at a 96% discount.


  • Limited time availability.
  • Some tools might require a learning curve.


The “AI Commissions 2024” bundle appears to be a game-changer for those seeking to leverage AI in their online ventures. The value offered at a discounted price makes it an attractive proposition for individuals looking to stay ahead in the competitive online landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q1: How long is the offer available? A1: The offer is valid for a limited time during January 2024.

Q2: Are there any additional bonuses? A2: Yes, the bundle includes new AI tools and training introduced in December, making it even more valuable.

Q3: Is there a money-back guarantee? A3: Yes, a conditional guarantee is in place. Clear-cut evidence of effort and assistance-seeking is required for refund eligibility.


The AI Goldrush is on, and “AI Commissions 2024” is your ticket to join the race. With 10 top-selling AI tools and a 96% discount, this bundle promises to revolutionize your online journey. Act fast to unlock the power of AI and elevate your commissions, traffic, and earnings!

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